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Solar Installation

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  The Indian Canyon Village Solar Electric Design and Installation course is offered August 18-23, 2003.  It will be taught by Debby Tewa, Hopi solar installer and Solar Energy International (,  some of the best renewable energy trainers in the world.  We are indeed privileged to offer this course on California Indian land.

The end result will be the installation of a 1320 watt photovoltaic (PV) stand-alone (off electric grid) system at Indian Canyon Village, courtesy of a grant from the Greenville Foundation.  Students in the class will learn the basics of electricity, solar site analysis, different components of a solar electric system, sizing and specifying a system, and safe installation and maintenance of a PV system.  As an added bonus, there will be a study of the Indian Canyon micro hydro-power system which also helps power Indian Canyon Village.

Debby Tewa, Hopi solar installer

The training is for people interested in stand-alone systems and grid-tie systems.  Speakers with experience in renewable energy on tribal lands will present material.  PV solar systems can generate energy for residential or commercial electricity needs, water pumps, electric fences and gates, and installations such as communications towers.  PV is a cost-effective way to produce power at remote locations.  California rebates and tax incentives for grid-tie systems make this technology cost-effective for people whose homes and businesses are connected to the utility grid.

No prior electrical experience is required.  The course will be informative and of interest to electricians and contractors, home-owners, and all interested in renewable energy.  It is open to all interested adults.  Course fees are $550 per student.  Camping is available on location, and conventional lodging is available in nearby Hollister.  Indian Canyon Village is soliciting scholarships for indigenous students.  If you know of scholarship opportunities, please contact Ann Marie Sayers at 831-637-4238 or

For information about the workshop or the installation, contact Vivian Gratton at 831-459-8942,

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