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A Center of Living Tradition

Ceremony holds a crucial place in the life of Native peoples. It is the expression and continuation of their relationship to the Earth and their own history. Ceremony is an anchor for identity for tribes, families and individuals.

Indian Canyon has always welcomed tribal people in need of a place to perform their traditional ceremonies.  This is sacred ground, blessed by the elders and the ancestors for the purpose of carrying on the living tradition of ceremony for Native people throughout California and beyond. Sweat lodge frames, fire circles, arbor and dancing grounds are clustered throughout the canyon. Tribal members and others come for vision quest, sweat lodge, coming-of-age rituals, naming ceremonies, and other rituals. 

The Bear Dance is an ancient traditional healing ceremony taking place annually in Indian Canyon.  Native Americans dance as bears, become bears, circling around the sacred fire giving blessings for all those present in the circle as well as for the entire world.  Other ceremonies include the Moon Festival,  and the Story Telling Festival such as the one on Saturday May 25, 2002.  From time to time, Ann-Marie tells the story of why the turtle has a cracked shell, such as on February 24, 2002.

Indian Canyon’s remoteness serves these people, provides refuge for retreat and reconnection, and a site for prayer and ceremony without the obstacles of campground reservations and rules or midnight park-ranger flashlights. A Village House will extend this use by allowing for more night and winter ceremonies, and by providing protection for elders and young children.


A Friend of Indian Canyon built this website to raise awareness of the proposed Village House in Indian Canyon.  For further information contact Ann Marie Sayers, tribal chairperson, by email or phone at 831-637-4238.  For information about this website please contact webmaster. Privacy Policy
 Revised: 05/09/09.