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Director, Andean Himalayan Initiative

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"Ann Marie is an unsung heroine in so many ways, and she is walking in both worlds - the world of indigenous people, and the modern world.  She has given many peoples of different lands a sense of connection to the bigger turtle - Mother Earth.  She is an educator and a doer. Whenever I am in Indian Canyon I feel a yearning for my deeper inner self to come forth.  Particularly at the waterfall, I can quietly and inwardly release much of the of old stored up pain and sadness that hide themselves in my daily activities.  Ann Marie has compassion for being human and she is determined to rekindle and share with us the knowledge and wisdom once possessed by the Native peoples who ate, drank, dreamed and walked on the earth.  She knows how and when to scream and dream and her laughter is infectious.  Indian Canyon is a living classroom embodying principles of preserving the environment, Mother Earth, and our true selves. The tapestry of people, animals, plants, air, sky, water, woven together, support one another.  In Indian Canyon, as in other locations still rich in trees and their original elements, one can more easily experience this turtle, this mother earth, as a friend, as a lover, as the source of all life from which we are sprung and nourished in every way.

I am sure there are many places on earth where this sense of the rekindling of the fire of our inner selves can and does take place.  For me there are places in India, northern Pakistan, Bhutan, and Ladak, and parts of Africa, where I have felt this ignition spontaneously.  The earth has been generous to me. Similar feels arise when I am in certain locations in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.  In the Galapagos Islands there is really a magical fearless space where communicating love among the animals, the people and the land happen naturally and spontaneously. Such big big turtles there walking through the forest to the beach!! Also in certain places in Hawaii, such as inside Haleakala crater in Maui, the spirits of the ancestors welcome us.

Indian Canyon has this possibility for people locally because it has never been tarnished by the usual commercial "commoditization of the sacred" - selling off our natural resources for profit.  (By the way, this is only my present take on it and I acknowledge that I constantly can let go of terms and preconceptions.)   Many ceremonies from  different traditions have taken place there and one can feel these frequencies, as I call them, as blessings that we get to bathe in when we chose to open to them.  Also our good intentions get passed on to others.  It is building community.  Origami at its best!!! Birds, turtles, spirit poles, urls, tripods, waterfalls, fires, webs, spiders, hearts opening an eye on the earth blinking at the new village house!"

Bonnie Starnes
Andean Himalayan Initiative
3020 Bridgeway #332
Sausalito, CA 94965

A Friend of Indian Canyon built this website to raise awareness of the proposed Village House in Indian Canyon.  For further information contact Ann Marie Sayers, tribal chairperson, by email or phone at 831-637-4238.  For information about this website please contact webmaster. Privacy Policy
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