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Guiding the Indian Canyon Community

Gathering medicinal plants, sharing their wisdom in talking feather circles, providing spiritual guidance on projects - elders have always been a vital part of Indian Canyon. This land has, since ancient times, been a place for the sharing of wisdom. People come to the Canyon to hear the stories, learn lessons, receive healing, and to offer their gifts. The elders bring their gifts of knowledge, and in this place of receptivity, they freely share it.

We know how this sharing helps the community. Youth report that they now understand what their parents were trying to teach them. Culture is preserved. Elders play an important role in every gathering that takes place at the Canyon. Stories that would not be told, or would not be understood in the outside world, are told and understood here. Ways of living with responsibility and joy in life are shared. Projects are begun in the right way: with joy, blessing, and clear intention. The Canyon also gives elders renewed energy; there is a power to speaking the truth, and in having the truth received. Elders who have experienced a lifetime of having their Indian ways disregarded are validated and revitalized by sharing their wisdom.  Elders have been and will continue to be integrally involved in the Village House project. Grandma Bernice Torres, Kashia Pomo Medicine Woman, conducted the blessing of the Village House site, bringing the intention of the community in alignment with the spirit of the land for the accomplishment of this project. Two elders who have had long associations with Indian Canyon, Chester Miner and Ann Alton will serve on the Village House Committee. The construction, the youth program and environmental protection efforts will be conducted with guidance and participation of community elders.

" A village house to our Native people is as important as a synagogue is to the Jewish people, as churches are to any religious group because it brings together not only Native people, but all people as human beings." - Chester Miner; Eastern Band Cherokee

A Friend of Indian Canyon built this website to raise awareness of the proposed Village House in Indian Canyon.  For further information contact Ann Marie Sayers, tribal chairperson, by email or phone at 831-637-4238.  For information about this website please contact webmaster. Privacy Policy
 Revised: 05/09/09.