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The Village House

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The Heart of the Community

The Village House will be built in a traditional way, set partially into the Earth, with the roof supported by interior and perimeter posts. The shape will be that of a turtle shell, honoring the sacred symbolism of this creature that represents Mother Earth. When participating in ceremony, teachings or gatherings, men, women, and children will descend into a 1500 square foot room, lit by a central fire and by light entering from a gap in the ceiling. They will sit on the dirt floor or on benches that curve around the perimeter, to face the central ceremonial and teaching space. Rather than a place set apart, it will be a place set within, deeply grounded in the Earth, lit by sky and fire.

Consideration has been made in the building design for the shaking of the Earth at the Canyon, so close to the San Andreas Fault. Construction practices will be both sound and sacred. The builder has experience with similar structures; engineering work will be carefully checked and the building inspected for safety. Elders and ceremony leaders are involved in the planning for the Village House and its use.  Youth, in particular, will play an important role in preparing the land and assisting with construction and maintenance - in so doing, tying themselves strongly to the Canyon and to ceremony.

Care will be taken to protect the land, water, air, animals and plants. An environmental impact study will be conducted with the assistance of University researchers and professionals from the Indian Canyon community.  Infrastructure costs will include measures such as erosion control and composting toilets to protect the environment from impacts of construction.

Maintenance of the Village House and Indian Canyon infrastructure will be carried out by participants in gatherings and ceremonies, and by participants in youth programs. Financial contributions toward ongoing repairs and improvements will be made by these participants, by tribes and private donors.

A Friend of Indian Canyon built this website to raise awareness of the proposed Village House in Indian Canyon.  For further information contact Ann Marie Sayers, tribal chairperson, by email or phone at 831-637-4238.  For information about this website please contact webmaster. Privacy Policy
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